VCC Youth Update September 20, 2018

Hello everyone!
I hope this message finds you well this week!  The new announcement for this week is that on October 26th we’ll be doing a youth Halloween party from 5:00-8:00pm here at church.  Students are welcome to dress up, and we’ll have pizza, soda, and of course, candy for them here.
Last night we were going to finish up our Kingdom of God series and move on to James next week.  However, God had other plans (and I’m so glad that he did!) and a few key questions early in the sermon took us down the path of the Gospel.  We talked about how we are dead in our sin without Christ, and that without Jesus, no one has any chance of going to Heaven no matter how “good” they are.  We are saved by the atoning blood of Christ, and through his sacrifice our debt is paid, and we become alive in Christ.  Because of this, we are welcomed into union with God, freely experiencing him and exploring his infinite splendor for all of eternity.