VCC Youth Update October 18, 2018

Hello everyone!
Couple of calendar reminders for you this morning!  First is our youth Halloween party is coming up on October 26th from 5:00-8:00, we’ll have food, drink, and candy for the students, and we’ll be playing board games, hide and seek, and doing some pumpkin carving.  The other thing coming up, of course, is our church’s Great Pumpkin Fest on Halloween night!  If you or your students want to volunteer to work a shift (or even run a Trunk or Treat!) there are signup sheets in the lobby.
Last night we paused our James series to spend some extended time in small groups going over a devotional and really focusing on personal application.  We looked at Psalm 109:30-31 and saw that David paints a picture of God standing in what would usually be an accuser’s place in trial, but instead of accusing, he defends the needy.  The parallel being that Jesus who is our defense, came and forgave the same people who betrayed him.  The challenge for our students (and leaders!) last night then, was that Jesus forgave those who didn’t deserve it, so then what grudges have we held on to that we should forgive?  The encouragement in all of it though, is that we have been forgiven, and because of God’s forgiveness, we are able to forgive others with the same love.