VCC Youth Update October 11, 2018

Hello everyone!
Here are some notices to be aware of for the next several weeks.  First, our youth Halloween Party is coming up on October 26 from 5:00-8:00pm.  We’ll have pizza, candy, games, and hide and seek.  If students want to, they can come dressed up as well!  We’re also looking for volunteers for our church’s “It’s the Great Pumpkin Fest” event on Halloween night!  If you or your student want to sign up to work a shift, there’s a sign up sheet on the info table in the lobby.  Finally, we are looking at the potential for an event on Saturday, November 10th to go to Quarry Park up in Rocklin.  The event will cost $20 per student, and we need a total of 12 signups in order to lock in that price.  I need a final tally of students who want to go by next Wednesday the 17th so we can officially book our spot.

Last night we began our series on James by discussing the role of temptation in our lives.  We looked at James 1:1-18 and saw that above all, everyone faces temptation, and God is faithful in the trial.  I talked about how God is faithful to give us wisdom if we ask and do not doubt (v.5-8) and that he does so without reproach.  I continued on to talk about how we are blessed when we endure testing (v.12-15).  God cannot be tempted, and he does not tempt us, but allows temptation in our lives to teach us to depend on him.  I ended with an encouraging note from verse 2, talking about how we should find it pure joy when we face trial, because it is in those moments that we find ourselves faced with an opportunity to grow closer to Jesus.