The Mix — Youth Group

The Mix is the student ministry of Valley Community Church.  The purpose of The Mix is to provide a place where students are introduced to a real God and be connected with others on their level.
The Mix meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Additionally, special events are planned throughout the year.  Check out the Mix’s facebook page.  Or, if Facebook isn’t your thing, follow us on Instagram @themixsac.
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VCC Youth Update 6-16-17

Hello everyone,
Summer is finally underway and we’re officially into our summer calendar (which I’ve attached again in case the hard copy your student took home is already lost). Tomorrow night at 6 until 9 is our summer kick off party. We’ll have board games, a couple outside games, and pizza and soda for the students. I want to thank all of you for attending our Hume 101 and making that run so smoothly, as well as getting all of your students registered online for Hume, it helps so much with getting everything ready for camp.
Last night in our Famous Prayers series, we looked at Jonah 2 where Jonah cries out to God in distress as he’s thrown overboard, nearly drowned, and swallowed by a giant fish. The point I emphasized over and over again was that both prayer and trial are transformative. God redeems the difficult situations in our lives by using them to teach us and mature us, refining our faith. We also looked at how prayer is sacred communication between us and God, where we submit our innermost self to him to be molded more into his likeness. The last point I talked about was that without God, there is no salvation, no safety. Jonah says that those who regard vain idols forsake the steadfast love that God shows us.
As always, I’d love to talk with you if there are any concerns or questions about what’s going on at youth! So please feel free to contact me through phone/email or pull me aside on Sundays!

VCC Youth Update 1-5-17

It’s officially 2017 and now that all the craziness of Christmas has passed, we’re on to Hume Lake!  Hume Lake signups are now live, with two places to register.  Either online at or in church on Sundays at the Information Counter.  Deposit is $75 and the deadline for registration is January 15th, while the dates for the actual trip are July 23-29.  In the years past, we have invited another church along with us, but this year we are limiting our spots to include only our church family.  We’re also opening up a waiting list for friends of high school students, each student is able to invite up to 2 other people if they are so compelled.  Non-VCC students on this waiting list will be able to register on April 1st on a first come, first pay basis.  Matt Lucas scholarships applications will be available for your students to fill out, beginning February 5th, as a way to help offset the cost of camp.  I’ve yet to go to Hume Lake with Valley Community, but I’ve been to Hume for the last 6 years with my previous youth group, and I must say that Hume Lake is by far one of, if not the best Christian Summer Camp.  Each week is unforgettable and presents an incredible time to deepen friendships with one another and to connect with our Creator.  I cannot emphasize enough how extraordinary the experience is at Hume Lake, and I hope that you will encourage your students to come with us this year.

In other news, our midweek meetings and Sunday School meetings are back in swing with the new year!  Times are Wednesdays starting at 7:00-8:15 and Sundays from 9:30-10:15.

Last night was a little light on attendance, so rather than continuing on in our series for Colossians, we took a slight detour to talk about something that God had impressed upon me earlier in the day.  We turned to look at Matthew 6:25-34 in order to focus on living in the moment with God.  It’s easy to get caught in patterns, especially with school starting back up again next week for most of the students, and in doing so, lose sight of what is happening in the moment.  We go into autopilot and forget that the Holy Spirit is living and active in every moment.  The crux of the short devotional was to remember God is constantly doing something, and not to miss out on being part of something in the moment with Him because we’re so caught up in the normal that we fail to see the supernatural.

I’m looking forward to the new year and all that it brings for our church family here at VCC.  As always, if you have any concerns or questions about what’s going on in the youth group, don’t hesitate to contact me or catch me in the hall on Sundays!

VCC Youth Update

Hello again everyone, here’s the weekly update for The Mix youth at VCC! 
We’re still looking for some last minute help with a couple critical roles for our “It’s a Small World” trunk or treat.  If either you or your student(s) haven’t signed up for something, we could really use the help!  If your child hasn’t signed up to help but you’d like them to get involved somehow, encourage them to sign up for clean up afterwards (Clean up starts at 8:30 PM).  Otherwise, if you or your child are interested in signing up to help, contact Pastor Lynn for where you can best serve.  We also have a work day coming up this Sunday at 2:00 if you’re available to come help us prep for the big day on Monday, and we’ll need help setting up on Monday beginning at 1:00.