December Reflections

I know it’s January and everyone has moved on from Christmas, but for folks like me who still are packing up my Christmas bins I’m still reflecting back on all the wonders that the Advent season brought.

What a whirl wind of wonderful experiences we had in December. A memorable day in Construction Zone was Commander Tom Cabrera presenting his final object lesson as he officially retires as an ongoing CZ leader. He said he’s still available to sub here and there which will be a delight to our CZ kiddos!

And of course, there was our wonderful Christmas program! From the Early Childhood Pageant to the Ebenezer Jr production, it was a delightful service. Those great programs happened because of a lot of folks joining together, taking on the many tasks. I have such appreciation for Stephanie Parmely leading the charge to visit classrooms teaching the finger play songs and to Nichole Walter helping with our “littles” in rehearsing too.

The Ebenezer Jr program was great collaboration and hard work of so many. From the cast and choir to the many leaders, it was a great service. Speaking of the leaders, Roger Haughin, Pamela Von Behren Merritt, Bruce Bolin, Melanie Heffley and Adam Dahlberg were the key players from the start. A special blessing was Peggy Duncan and her lunch crew – Jim Duncan, Pat Flagg, Jean Dodson and Tish Matranga – who made lunches for eight weeks for the cast, choir and leaders, what a blessing. Their “all in” efforts put us on a great path. Add to that Mike Krogstad, Wayne Johnson, Ray Lucas and London Newton who gave their time to make it a polished performance. I am so grateful for everyone’s hard work.

And finally, coolest memory for me will be the one of our very own Dickens’ Christmas carolers! Roger and Darlene Haughin, Laura Dobbins and Mike Krogstad. You looked and sounded amazing!

So, on we go to 2017!

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