Children’s Ministry

Building Kids to Live God’s Way

Our desire is to partner with parents in fostering

within their children the desire to discover God in a

personal way and to teach them tools

to help them live God’s way.
“Two combined influences
will make a greater impact than just two influences.”
Orange is our favorite color because it is a great picture of how we see our partnership with parents.  The LIGHT OF THE CHURCH (yellow) combined with the HEART OF THE HOME (red) has a greater impact on helping kid’s faith stick! 
Our logo has gears to represent how varied and unique we each are and yet when we connect together we transfer power to each other to accomplish the task of helping kids live for God.
Our Early Childhood Department
Infants through Pre & T-Kindergartners are broken out into several different classes to accommodate their age and to create an effective learning place.   
Our goal is to provide a safe and fun place where these boys and girls can discover how much God loves them.
Currently we have three groups.  Click here to learn more. 

Elementary Department

Our goal is to partner with parents to help build kids to live for God and that’s what takes place each week in  Construction Zone and Crew 56.
We do this through worship, relevant and  engaging teaching with small group times.  The last Sunday of each month is Family Worship Sunday where these students begin the service in the Sanctuary for a time of corporate worship, and occasionally the children present the offertory.  
Kindergarden – Fourth Grade
Construction Zone 
Fifth & Sixth Grade 
Crew 56


Sunday Mornings

9:30am — We have Sunday School classes for all ages — September through mid-July

Free Spiritual Tutoring for your kids! Take advantage of this weekly time to grow your children to live God’s way. We have dedicated teachers who present lively Bible stories, interactive Bible activities, and include a time to discover how it relates to the kids’ own lives. Age related group tutoring sessions – a.k.a. Sunday School Classes — meet every Sunday morning at 9:30am.

10:30am — We have Children’s Church classes for all ages

We have interactive and age appropriate worship, teaching and activities for all ages to help boys and girls learn about God’s love, the Bible and how to be grow to live God’s way.  For information about children’s church classes, click on the Department links above.