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The Mix is the student ministry of Valley Community Church.  The purpose of The Mix is to provide a place where students are introduced to a real God and be connected with others on their level.
The Mix meets on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall.  Additionally, special events are planned throughout the year.  Check out the Mix’s facebook page.  Or, if Facebook isn’t your thing, follow us on Instagram @themixsac.
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VCC Youth Update September 20, 2018

Hello everyone!
I hope this message finds you well this week!  The new announcement for this week is that on October 26th we’ll be doing a youth Halloween party from 5:00-8:00pm here at church.  Students are welcome to dress up, and we’ll have pizza, soda, and of course, candy for them here.
Last night we were going to finish up our Kingdom of God series and move on to James next week.  However, God had other plans (and I’m so glad that he did!) and a few key questions early in the sermon took us down the path of the Gospel.  We talked about how we are dead in our sin without Christ, and that without Jesus, no one has any chance of going to Heaven no matter how “good” they are.  We are saved by the atoning blood of Christ, and through his sacrifice our debt is paid, and we become alive in Christ.  Because of this, we are welcomed into union with God, freely experiencing him and exploring his infinite splendor for all of eternity.

VCC Youth Update May 31, 2018

Hello everyone,

As we are on the cusp of June, the most important thing to be aware of is Hume 101. Our mandatory Hume informational meeting will be held on June 24th from 11:30-12:30 here in Burchett Hall.       We require every student going, and at least 1 parent or guardian per family to be in attendance, so that way we can go into the chaos that is Hume Lake preparation all on the same page.


Last night we talked about our Identity as people under grace. We looked at Ephesians 2:8-9 and talked about how easy it is to slip into a works-based salvation mindset as a Christian. The trap being as we are obedient to Christ, it is easy for pride to infiltrate our hearts and tell us that we are earning God’s favor, when the truth of the matter is we are obedient from a position of grace, not obedient in order to gain a position of grace (because that wouldn’t be grace at all). It is by the grace and power of God we are able to be obedient at all, and thus pleasing in His sight. I ended by challenging the students to come up with ways of reminding themselves daily of the grace of God and being daily thankful for the wondrous gift we have in Christ.

VCC Youth Update May 26, 2018

Hello everyone,

In my ongoing attempt to keep things brief, we have our movie night this Friday from 6:00 to 8:00.  We’ll have pizza and ice cream for the students, so send them hungry!  We’ll be watching the Prince of Egypt, a DreamWorks animation adaptation of the story of Moses.

Last night we talked about our identity in regard to how we are saved by grace alone and adopted as sons and daughters of God. We looked at Ephesians 1:1-2:10 and unpacked how it was God’s plan to unite everything in himself even before the foundation of the world was made.       God made this plan knowing full well he would be saving sinful, rebellious people (1:4-10). Not only that, but Paul makes it clear that this mercy is shown purely because of God’s love for us (2:4-6) and the inheritance is a gift, not payment for our good works (2:8-9). Therefore, our identities as sons and daughters of God is guaranteed once we have been sealed by the Holy Spirit (1:13-14). Our identity as revealed in this passage, is chosen, loved, and forgiven by God.  It is from this identity that we obey Christ, not the other way around.  We do not (and cannot) work our way to God’s love. I encouraged the students to dwell on the simple truth that no matter what the world says about who we are (bullying is a prevalent issue in the lives of our students), we can turn to the Word of God to remind us that we are loved beyond imagine by God. 

VCC Youth Update April 20, 2018

Hello everyone,

The only announcement on the horizon this week is our movie night coming up next Friday, April 27th!  We’ll be watching The Prince of Egypt by DreamWorks animation.  The night will start at 6:00 with pizza and ice cream, and we’ll end by 8:00!

On Wednesday, we continued in our Identity series by discussing Ephesians 4:17-32.  We talked about the characteristics belonging to the old life apart from Christ, and those belonging to our new lives in and derived from Christ.  The old self can be identified by its callous nature corrupted by its deceitful desires and by its enslavement to greedy pursuit of sensuous and impure behavior.  The new life in Christ is characterized by the outpouring of truth and grace, along with compassionate and forgiving action.  I reminded the students again that without the Spirit, striving for this type of life is an exercise in futility and frustration, it is only by the power of God at work in our lives and our obedient response that we can live like Jesus.

VCC Youth Update March 30, 2018

Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for making sure your students were in attendance last Sunday to receive their Matt Lucas Memorial scholarships. 

On Wednesday, we finished off our Hebrews series, talking about the reality that our faith is meant to not only be studied and observed, but also carried out actively in our daily lives.  The theme throughout the message was that God is always with us, so as we go throughout life walking out our faith, God gives us the strength to stand where otherwise we would fall.  Not only that, but God is the one working in us all things pleasing in his sight and equipping us with everything good so that we can do his will.  To close, I continually repeated the line “How great is our God” from our worship set earlier in the night as I emphasized how much God has given us, and how glorious and loving he is, and finally ended with the reminder again that God is always with us.